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Art on Ice 2012: spectacular, a must see show

“Art on Ice” has everything to please: awesome music, fantastic ice skaters, renowned and emerging stars and humorous acts.

Could we really ask for more?

From the start, the spectator has his eyes drawn on the ice skating ring, not knowing if he should look at the skaters or the music podium. Like at a tennis match, he looks in all directions, sometimes right, left or to the middle when the moving podium comes that way.

Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder at Art on Ice 2012

Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder at Art on Ice 2012


For 2 hours 25 minutes people of all ages marvel at the ice gala packed with outstanding performances from Switzerland, England, Germany to the United States.

When the half-time break arrives, one wonders, is it really necessary?

Someone told me that “Art on Ice” tickets are popular Christmas presents and I can understand why!

The founders, Oliver Höner and Reto Caviezel, do their job quite well and know what can please an international crowd. This year already ended the seventeenth art gala and now starts their planning for 2013. No doubt, the show will be sold out before it even starts.

Will the “Ice Princess” Sarah Meier and the “King of the Spin” Stéphane Lambiel be back at the Hallenstadion? What about the beautiful and talented Japanese, Miki Ando, who performed with soul singer Dionne Bromfield? Or the amazing French skater Florent Amodio, last year’s winner of the European championship?

Florent Amodio on the ice - Art on Ice 2012

Florent Amodio on the ice - Art on Ice 2012

The Hallenstadion crowd was delighted with the show in the air of the flying Russian ice skaters and acrobats, Ekaterina and Alexander Chesna. Dressed in white and red, holding a red ribbon, the couple danced with the music of former Simply Red singer, Mick Hucknall. The French pair, Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, known for having won the 2008 dancing ice competition in Gothenburg, was absolutely sensational. They danced so harmoniously, with so much elegance and trust as if they had known each other their entire life.

Let’s not forget among the so many talented figure skaters, the group Team Surprise from Sweden dancing tango and French cancan…and Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, who had the chance to skate to the music of Mick “If don’t know me by now.”

Yes, you heard it right, “Art on Ice 2012” welcomed this year the singer Mick Hucknall, who has sold since 1985 with Simply Red over 50 millions CDs worldwide.

Mick Hucknall at Art on Ice 2012, Hallenstadion in Zurich

Mick Hucknall at Art on Ice 2012, Hallenstadion in Zurich


The public enjoyed every moment with Mick, who performed ballads like “Holding back the years” and up-beat hits such as “Money too tight to mention” & “Fairground”. The crowd even stood up at the end of the ice gala to give him a well deserved ovation.

The white wine from the Valais he drunk before the show to accompany his Swiss cheese fondue didn’t seem to disturb him at all. He even joked about it telling the crowd he should sing really well that night, depending on how much wine he had.”But you don’t know how much!”

“Art on Ice” invited this year once again national singers, who without a doubt will make a name for themselves internationally one day. Tinkabelle with the beautiful Tanja Bachmann, singing pop-country and Tanja Dankner accompanying Sarah Meier with pop & soul music are some of them.

Breakdancer Gev Manoukian at Art on Ice 2012

Breakdancer Gev Manoukian at Art on Ice 2012

Two of the United States popular names were at “Art on Ice”: the break-dancer and hip-hop Gevorg Manoukian, known as Gev, and the choreographer and dance producer Marvin A. Smith. Gev made his debut in the US TV show “So you think you can dance” and danced at the side of Pink in 2010. He received a warm welcome at the Zurich Hallenstadion. Martin Smith and his dance crew is not new to “Art on Ice”. It was their fifth time there. You may have recognized Marvin from the SAT 1 TV show “You can dance”. Both men’s talents, enthusiasm and friendly personality cheered the guests of the After-Show Party at the Swiss Hotel in Oerlikon (Zurich).

Emily Bear was the sensation of the evening, performing with many musicians and dancers. She even composed a piece especially for “Art on Ice”! She came all the way from the United States with her sister and parents. Her mother, Andrea, is also very talented and sung at the After-Show Party a tune from British singer, Geri Halliwell “It’s Raining Men”. Emily’s sister, Lauren, also plays the piano and the harp. Emily is well-known in her country having been on shows like ABC, Ellen, MBC News and having performed at Carnagie Hall and at the White House for President Bush.

Emily Bear at the After Show Party in Zurich

Emily Bear at the After Show Party in Zurich

Emilie told me about her experience at the White House. She said President Bush was very nice. Did she like performing at Carnagie Hall? “Yes it was so cool, so big and beautiful”, she said. Since she started she has met a number of celebrities but Emily could not decide on who she liked the most. She just likes them all, they were all different. If you wonder who looks up to Emily, it is no-one less than the renowned music producer Quincy Jones! Both have been working together for a year and Emily said she is very honored to be working with him.

But what would have the evening been without the wonderful German duo Oropax performed by the brothers, Thomas and Volker Martins!  The two managed to make people laugh with their known talent and their play on words. They even brought Spiderman and Batman to Zurich!

Marvin Smith, Tinkabelle, Tanja Tankner, Stéphane Lambiel and Team Surprise - Art on Ice 2012

Marvin Smith, Tinkabelle, Tanja Tankner, Stéphane Lambiel and Team Surprise - Art on Ice 2012

Sure no one would have minded if just for one time “Art on Ice” would have gone on all night long! Who would have refused seeing Stéphane Lambiel dance once more to “My life is a cage” or Sarah Meier go crazy on the ice.

Yes, yes I know the clock could not stand still that night.

But “Art on Ice” will be back, fortunately!


Thank you to Marc Lindegger, Head of Communications for the Agency Carré Events AG in Zurich for the accreditation and Golden Circle ticket to the After-Show Party


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