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What’s Up

Do you have an interesting article to share about the cities of Berlin, Rome, Paris, New York, Dubai or Shanghai? It can be a review about a show you have seen or a blog post about something not to miss in the following month.

The Brandenburger Tor by night

The Brandenburg Gate at night

Food and Drink

Is there a recipe you would like to share or do you know a chef who would share a recipe? Do you want to recommend a place to eat? Have you taken a cooking class recently? Would you like to write a feature article about food and drinks? Have you done a wine tasting somewhere and would like to share your experience?

Ladurée double decker macarons
Ladurée double decker macarons


Do you have an article, short or long, taking place in exotic and exciting places like in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Southern America? Have you gone on an adventure telling or you would like to share an amazing experience?

Have you visited any of the Seven Wonders of the World? Have you talked to people during your travel, who told you amazing stories? Have you taken a cruise on one of the most mythic world rivers? Have you gone on a world tour?




Do you want to report about a sport you care for? Have you gone to a match and would like to talk about it? Is there a major event people should not miss? Have you participated in a marathon or the Ironman? Have you climbed or hiked in difficult places or interviewed people who have done so?

Sarah Meier and Kristoffer Berntsson at Art on Ice

Sarah Meier and Kristoffer Berntsson at Art on Ice

Luxury and Fashion

Would you recommend a luxury hotel or a spa? Do you love fashion and fashion shows and would like to report about them? What is your favourite fashion designer?


Longchamp bags, Berlin Galleries Lafayette

Longchamp bags, Berlin Galleries Lafayette


Do you have a unique picture to make people laugh or say “Wow!”? Have you made a short film about an exciting subject, caught something amazing on camera?

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