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Chocolate Kalamansi Joghurt from Marcel Schmitutz

This week we are proud to share a recipe from Marcel Schmitutz, German Chef Patissier and Sous Chef at Clouds Restaurant located in the Prime Tower in Zurich West. The recipe of chocolate Kalamansi joghurt was made during the Salon du Chocolat in Zurich in March.

schmitutz marcel copyright SM

schmitutz marcel copyright SM



The 26 years old has been cooking and baking for over 10 years. He worked at the gourmet restaurant Anna Amalia in the Hotel Elephant in Weimar. The restaurant has a 1 Michelin Star and 17 points Gault Millau. In 2010 he came to Switzerland and worked with Chef Antonio Colaianni at Il Casale, a restaurant rewarded today with 15 Gault Millaut. Since November 2011 Schmitutz bakes at the prestigious restaurant Clouds.

In 2008 he published with co-author,Marcello Fabbri, the dessert book “Desserts -Kulinarische Köstlichkeiten zu jeder Jahreszeit” (Desserts-Culinary delicacies for every season)





Recipe serves 8 guests:


Chocolate Sauce

15g glucose syrup

5g cocoa powder

60g milk

55g chocolate Felchlin Elvesia 74%

Melt the chocolate. Boil milk with glucose syrup and cocoa powder, incorporating in 3 steps the melted chocolate and emulsify with a hand blender. Allow at least 2 hours to crystallize in the refrigerator.


Milk Chocolate Chantilly

5g inverted sugar

5g glucose syrup

130g double cream

40g milk coating

Melt the chocolate coating. Bring 40g double cream, inverted sugar and glucose to boil. Bring the chocolate to melt into 3 steps and emulsify with a hand blender without air. Add the remaining cream and mix everything together well. Allow at least 4 hours to crystallize in the refrigerator. Beat airy in a food processor and pour into a pastry bag.


Chocolate Kalamansi Joghurt in a plate - Copyright Clouds Restaurant

Chocolate Kalamansi Joghurt in a plate – Copyright Clouds Restaurant


Chocolate Crumble with fleur de sel

50g salted butter

50g brown sugar

50g flour

3g cocoa powder

50g ground hazelnuts

Knead all ingredients until crumbly in a food processor and distribute generously on the designed paper baking sheet. In a preheated oven at 150 °C bake for about 25-30min. After about 15 minutes baking time coarsely chops somewhat with a spatula.


Chocolate Ganache with fleur de sel

18g glucose syrup

75g double cream

70g Bitterkuvertüre74%

Bring the double cream and glucose syrup to a boil and bring it when still hot over the chocolate coating and let stand for about 1 minute. Mix with a rubber scraper. Then homogenize with a blender without air. Fill up a form of 8mm in height, previously with lined plastic wrap and allow to crystallize at least 4 hours in the refrigerator. Make squares portions of 3,5×3,5cm.


Kalamansi Yoghurt Sorbet

130g sugar

20g glucose powder

1 ¼ gelatine leaf

90g kalamansi puree

20g passion fruit puree

50g natural yoghurt

50g milk

Produce from sugar, glucose powder and 180ml water a syrup. Dissolve into it the gelatine previously mixed in cold water. Bring the other ingredients and homogenize everything with a hand blender. Freeze in an ice cream machine and if not in an ice substitute, in PacoJet possible.


Yoghurt Sauce

50g Greek yoghurt

5g powdered sugar

Mix together yoghurt and powdered sugar and pour into a Dressier bottle.



 Yogurt Sponge Cake

100g Protein

20g ground almonds

20g icing sugar

20g yoghurt powder

7g flour

Mix all ingredients as quickly as possible in Thermomix or blender. Pour in a small Kisag whipped cream maker and load with 3 N2O capsules. Leave that for about four hours in a cool place. In a disposable plastic cup filled half full bake for about 1 min in a microwave. Let cool down and take it out of the cup. Coarse with your hands and dry it in a dehydrator machine at 50 °C.


Calamondin Jelly

100g Moscato d’Asti

100g kalamansi puree

20g passion fruit puree

30g sugar

2 ½ leaves of gelatine

Heat the Moscato d’Asti and sugar and add to the gelatine previously mixed in cold water. Add Kalamansi and passion fruit puree. Then let it cool down. Fill up a form of 8mm in height, previously with lined plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator. Make large cubes of 8x8mm.


Kalamansi and Lemon Cream

40g sugar

25g butter

1 small egg

abrasion of 1 lemon

40g kalamansi puree

¼ gelatine leaf

Put all ingredients except the gelatine in a stainless steel bowl and melt in a water bath with continuous stirring at a heat of 85 °C and until the mixture is well bonded. Strain through a fine sieve and dissolve the gelatine previously mixed in cold water. Refrigerate and let sit overnight. Pour into a pastry bag.


Chocolate Kalamansi Joghurt - Copyright Clouds Restaurant

Chocolate Kalamansi Joghurt – Copyright Clouds Restaurant

Chocolate Biscuit Cubes

100g egg whites

55g sugar

50g egg yolks

55g butter

115g chocolate, bittersweet 66%

16g flour

8g wheat starch

Melt butter and chocolate in a stainless steel bowl in a water bath. Beat egg whites with sugar until stiff in a food processor. Put the egg yolks into the whipped egg whites and mix slowly. Add the melted chocolate and butter and gently fold in with a rubber spatula. Finally fold in the sieved flour and starch. Pour the mixture into loaf tin of 15x15cm with lined in baking paper. At 175 °C bake for about 10-12min. After cooling down remove the baking paper and make big cubes of 1,5 x1,5cm.

Copyright Clouds Restaurant
Clouds Restaurant, Bistro/Bar & Lounge is located on Maagplatz 5 in Zürich  Tel: 044 404 30 00


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