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Giulio Ricciarelli & Alexander Fehling talk about The Labyrinth of Lies

“It was a dream come true working with Gert Voss,” says emotionally Alexander Fehling. At the Zurich Film Festival Meet &..

September 28, 2014


123 minutes – USA Summary: the Kadam family moves from India and settle down in the South of France in the village of..

September 25, 2014

Hélène de Beauvoir at the Galerie Hammer in Regensburg

Biography: The younger sister of the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, Hélène was born in Paris in 1910. She attended evening Life classes..

September 18, 2014

“10. Zurich Film Festival: The Year of the Women”

145 productions / 49 debut works / 14 Swiss films A celebration of cinema. A celebration for all! 145 new productions from 29 countries: 49..

September 11, 2014

Liam Neeson and Diane Keaton come to the Zurich Film Festival

Two Hollywood stars will be at the 10th Zurich Film Festival, starting on September 25th. The team of the festival announced that Liam..

August 21, 2014

Locarno Film Festival: Juliette Binoche receives the Excellence Award Moët & Chandon

The French actress Juliette Binoche received on Saturday night the Excellence Award at the Locarno Film Festival. The official champagne of..

August 19, 2014

The Orient Express: a train, which makes us dream

Who has not heard of the Orient Express! Many say that if they could only travel aboard one train in their lifetime it would be that train...

August 4, 2014

Glimpses of student work at the AdbK, Munich

Review of the Art Academy’s end of year exhibition in Munich on July 12th: My favourite was “The Dark Side of the Moon”,..

July 24, 2014


Art Telegramme: TINO POHLMANN – MFORMA#LUX “Schau mir in meine Geschichte” – “Take a look at my story”..

June 27, 2014

Felix Schauder & Max Ott Photos at the Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

“Landscapes” versus “Landshapes”, two photographers making thoughts about the aesthetics of a natural..

June 16, 2014
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Super classe ce salon ! présentation et excellenc...
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