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Family travels: excursions from Zurich for Easter

I really wanted to go home to France with my 3 1/2 years old son for Easter, but as he is not such a good traveler at the moment, I decided against it – maybe next year instead.

So what about a trip to some exciting destinations by plane? I did a little research but could not believe how much airline tickets cost since the Lybiacrisis. Five hundred euros per person to Prag, Budapest or Rome? If I wanted a good deal for Vienna or Berlin, I had to fly late to arrive at 10 p.m. and leave on Easter day at 6:00 a.m.

Then, we thought maybe a road trip to Provence, Lyon, Ticino or to the Garda lake. Quite far with a child, who wants to get out of the car every 50 km!

What about the amusement park in Rust and stay overnight – everything booked!!!!!! except for Captain Croket cabin where you had to bring your own blanket and share the room with 10 other people…..

Well, well we decided to stay in Zurich and do some day trips. Maybe not a bad idea knowing that the weather in the region is supposed to be nicer than anywhere else I wanted to drive or fly to.

Day at the Englischer garten in Munich

Day at the Englischer garten in Munich


Where to go then if you live in Zurich?

Further away destinations:

  • Europa Park in Germany in Rust, located at 108miles/175 km
  • Legoland in Germany in Günzburg, located at 166 miles/268 km
  • Titisee in the Schwarzwald, at 61 miles/99 km
  • Munich in Germany at 193 miles/312 km – great time for the Englischer Garten and Olympiapark
  • Lake of Constance at 42 miles/68 km – drive bikes along the lake
  • Gardaland in Italy in Peschiera, at 254 miles/409 km – visit the amusement park
  • Train to Ticino in Switzerland – travel to Lugano and Locarno or smaller cities like Ascona – visit the Bellinzona castles
  • Colmar  in France at 91 miles/147 km – visit the old town and check the monkey mountain and other attractions in the region

Closer destinations:

  • a day in Basel and its zoo: Bachlettenstrasse 75 – 18CHF and free for kids under 6 51 miles/83 km
  • animal park in Goldau, Arth, 31 miles/50 km away
  • walk around the lakes of Melchsee-Frutt and Tannen (probably with snow) 1h20 minutes away. Drive to Kerns and take cable up – 57 miles/93 km.
  • a day in the Langenberg wildpark
  • Grill at the Walensee lake, 40 minutes away from Zurich
  • Hide Easter eggs in a park like the Belvoir or Rietberg
  • Spend the day at the Migros park in Thalwil

Have fun with your children over Easter.


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