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Family Travels: Parisian gardens and parks

You are going to Paris with your kids and you are wondering where to bring them when you are not sightseeing the major landmarks:

Here are a few suggestions:

Jardin des Plantes:

Natural history museum at the jardin des plantes in Paris

Natural history museum at the jardin des plantes in Paris


What to do there: natural history museum, a zoo with monkeys, goats and ostriches, many gardens, playgrounds and a carousel

Where is it : you can get to it from three streets – 57 rue Cuvier, 2 rue Buffon and 36 rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire


Jardin du Luxembourg:

What to do: Lovely old gardens for parents and children. There is lot of benches and banks to sit and relax. In the main fountain, children can play with miniature boats. Also a puppet show will amuse your children twice daily.

Where is it: 5 impasse Royer Collard near the Sorbonne


Jardin des Tuileries:


Jardin des Tuileries in Paris

Jardin des Tuileries in Paris


Beautiful garden very easy to find. You will love the many fountains and statues and the fantastic view from Paris landmarks like the Arc of Triumph.

What to do: children can play around the pond, take pony rides and go to the many playgrounds.

Where is it: Rue de Rivoli next to La Concorde Square and Le Louvre Museum


Parc de Sceaux:

What to do: large park where children will be able to jump and climb in the playgrounds.

Where is it: in the South of Paris in the Haute Seine


Jardin d’ acclimatation:

Where is it: in the Bois de Boulogne

What to do: children will learn and have fun in this multifunctional park. They will be able to take train rides, see animals, watch a puppet show and much more.


Bois de Vincennes:

What to do there: perfect place to bring your pick nick and enjoy the day. There is a zoo, farm, amazing playgrounds, row boats and more fun things to do.

Where is it: Paris 12th arrondissement


Jardin de Bagatelle:

Bagatelle gardens in Paris

Bagatelle gardens in Paris

What to do there: large park to run around, vegetable gardens, a pond and playground

Where is it: 71 avenue de l’Hippodrome


Jardin du Palais Royal:

Palais Royal gardens and its fountain

Palais Royal gardens and its fountain

What to do there: nice place to relax, look at one’s reflection in Pol Bury’s fountain in the courtyard, play hide and seek around David Buren’s white and black columns and go on the carousel.

Where is it: 6 rue de Montpensier in the 1st arrondissement


Park of Versailles:

Versailles: Marie-Antoinette hamlet and farm

Versailles: Marie-Antoinette hamlet and farm

What to do there: visit the park and gardens, take a row boat on the Grand Canal or wander to the domaine de Marie Antoinette with its hamlet and farm.

Where is it: Place d’ armes in Versailles


Jardins du Trocadéro:

What to do there: sandbox, playground and carrousel

Where is it: 11 place du Trocadéro near the Eiffel Tower in the 16th arrondissement


 Hope you will enjoy the many beautiful Parisian gardens with your children as much as I did.

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