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Futuroscope: the amusement park where kids are King

Are you planning a trip to France in the near future? Then, what about adding the Futuroscope to your list of activities?

The French Park in Western France is celebrating its silver anniversary this year: 25 years already since it opened its doors in May 1987 and more than 40 Millions visitors! Over the years it never ceased to expand and come up with new exciting shows for people of all ages.

Kinemax at the Futuroscope

If you are not familiar with the Futuroscope, it is a park with multi-media animations and shows. It offers numerous 3D & 4D cinemas, a 360D cinema and a dynamic movie theater. The architecture of the park, created by Denis Laming, is spectacular offering the visitor glass and metal buildings such as a tower, a cube, a crystal, a dome, a sphere, a triangular prism and an open air theater around a lake.

One day won’t be enough to wander though the park and take part in all the main activities. The best would be to do a two day visit especially if you have children traveling with you. No-one will disagree that the Futuroscope is the perfect park for kids. There are so many things for them to do inside and outside that you may need some strong convincing arguments to have them leave the park!

Water Drop animation at Futuroscope

Here are the attractions I liked the most when visiting this Spring with my 4 1/2 years old son:

  • Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur et les Minimoys)

This animation in 4D from well known film director, Jean Luc Besson, is at the Futuroscope since end of 2009. In March it also received the award for  best outstanding achievement in 2011 from the Themed Entertainment Association in California. Trapped safely in a  seat with 3D glasses on, you will accompany the boy Arthur in his adventures and save him from invisibles creatures.

Arthur and the Minimoys at the Futuroscope


  • Little Prince

You and your child will spend 15 memorable minutes listening and taking part in the well-known fairy tale from French writer and pilot, Antoine Saint Exupéry (1943). The director, Ben Stassen, imagined a powerful story where the Prince and his friend the fox will go find the Rose from one planet to another. Watching their travels you will experience special effects like bubbles, smoke and a shaking floor.

copyright Futuroscope - Le Petit Prince

  • Magic show

This was recently added for the 25th anniversary of the park and ought not to be missed. During a half an hour the illusionist and magician Bertran Loth will amaze you with his tricks and stories. Loth worked with famous actor, Arthur Jugnot on this project. At the end of the show foam will fall on the crowd sitting in the front.


  • Sea monsters

It is a new 3D film from National Geographic where you go back in time during the era of the dinosaurs. You will certainly fall in love with the adventures of Dolly.


copyright Futuroscope - Monstres des mers

  •  Playgrounds

There are numerous places where your children will have fun climbing and jumping. Two of them are next to the open air theater and Kinemax and at the World of Children (Monde des Enfants).

The large area in the World of Children was opened in 1989 and is more adapted to bigger children 7 years and up. It has slides, swings and spider nets. The Escaladôme for instance has 9 km of ropes and the Pyramid is good for adventurous kids who love to climb.


  • Water games

Do your children enjoy playing in water? Then they will be delighted at the Futuroscope especially during nice weather with Splash, Aquabulles, Mission Eclabousse, boat riding and water fountains.

Aquabulles - water game at Futuroscope

  • Machine of Léonard

Fly the machines of Leonardo di Vinci. You need to be two and the faster you pedal, the higher you get.

  • Animals of the future

Moving inside a train, seated with binoculars, this animation will show you what animals in the future could look like.

copyright Futuroscope - Animals of the Future

copyright Futuroscope - Animals of the Future

Your children will learn, explore and have fun at the Futuroscope. Without a doubt they will talk for a long time about the bubbles, the foam which fell over their head, the amazing creatures they caught and the wonderful racing ride in the world of Arthur and the Minimoys.

Find out more:

Open air theater at the Futuroscope

There will be a free concert during the Festival de la Musique on June 23d
Where:  Jaunay-Clan/Chasseneuil du Poitou, 20 minutes from Poitiers by car and 1h20 minutes from Paris with TGV

Website of the Futuroscope

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