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Les Misérables receives great applause in Berlin

“I love Berlin” said British director Tom Hooper to an enthusiastic audience at the Gala Première of his last film “Les Misèrables” at the Friedrichstadt Palast.

And the Berliners love him back! He received a warm long ovation after his speech in German just after the screening of his movie. Hooper confessed he never got such a response in his German class!

It is not Hooper’s first time at the Berlinale as he came a few years ago to present “The King’s Speech”, which won many Oscars the same year.

He came to Berlin with most of the main actors (except Russell Crowe), Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne.

Les Misérables Berlinale Special 2013 GBR 2012 DIRECTOR - Tom Hooper with Anne Hathaway - Laurie Sparham copyright Universal Pictures

Les Misérables Berlinale Special 2013 GBR 2012 DIRECTOR – Tom Hooper with Anne Hathaway – Laurie Sparham copyright Universal Pictures

All were extremely happy, relaxed at the press conference. Love was a word often pronounced. Working on “Les Misérables” was the most challenging job I have had, said Jackman, but he added “it was a labor of love for everybody”.

The actors agree love is the main topic for theme in the film. Hooper shared a quote of Victor Hugo “To love or to have loved, that is enough.”

For some of the actors playing in “Les Misérables” had been a dream since childhood. Eddie Redmayne shared he wanted to be Gabroche at the age of seven! He plays Marius in the film and sings remarkably.

Other amazing singers are Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. Anne said she now would feel more comfortable singing in front of a small crowd but she does not plan in recording any albums.

The film has been nominated for 8 Oscars and won a Golden Globe for best Musical Film of the Year.

When asked how important the Oscars are, Jackman responded that it is beyond dreams for him to be there and be a nominee for that film. He added that he has a son named Oscar.  Anne Hathaway said she is extremely happy to have been nominated twice already at the age of thirty. She knows that if she wins the Oscar this year for best actress it won’t be the best day of her life anyway as she got married last year, she continued smiling.

Presented in Berlin on the day of the Chinese New Year Jackman told a Chinese reporter that she (and the people of her country) should go see the movie and “hope it renews your faith in Love and in Life”.

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