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Movie “Arbitrage” at the Zurich Film Festival

The 100 minute thriller/drama “Arbitrage”, which came out on September 14th in the USA, will be shown at the Zurich Film Festival this week. It is a premiere in the German speaking world. The film will come out on the screens in Switzerland on October 15th.

In his first film, the young American director, Nicholas Jarecki depicts the life of a Wall Street billionaire, Robert Miller, whose life is about to collapse during the financial crisis. Miller is fighting to keep his business and the love of his family and mistress Julie.

richard_gere_headshot 2008_burbridgenyt (1)

richard_gere_headshot 2008_burbridgenyt (1)

How will Robert get out of the mess he got into? Will this rich man find a way out of his lies, infidelity and frauds?

This suspenseful thriller will keep you tied to your seat till the end. Not only was Jarecki well prepared for his film having parents in business and trading world but he managed to get together an amazing, dedicated  and enthusiast cast.

The main character Robert is played by no-one less than the charming actor, Richard Gere (American Gigolo, Pretty Woman, Chicago, Primal Fear). Gere will receive a Golden Icon Award  at the ZFF on September 23 at the Gala Premiere of the film. His wife, Ellen, is played by well-known actress, Susan Sarandon (The Client, Dead Man Walking).

Sarandon and Gere have known each other for a long time just like in the film. The two played husband and wife in the 2004 comedy of director Peter Chelsom “Shall we dance?”

arbitrage_02802_Susan Sarandon copyright ZFF

arbitrage_02802_Susan Sarandon copyright ZFF

French actress and model, Laetitia Casta, plays Robert’s mistress. His daughter, Brooke, is the new talent, Brit Marling, who got noticed at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. The NYPD detective Bryer is played by Tim Roth, who was seen in films such as Rob Roy, Planet of the Apes and the War Zone. The character of Jimmy is the African American, Nate Parker of whom Gere said he could be the next Denzel Washington.

The script of the film took nine months to write. It took 1 month to rehearse and 31 days to film in New York in 60 locations. It was made on a low budget. Jarecki has said he was happy to have such a team, who cared so much about the film from the beginning. Maybe that’s why it had an amazing debut in the USA for the opening weekend. It is known to have made over 2 million dollars.

Your chance to see it in Zurich will be on Sunday September 23 at 19h45 Corso 1 and on the same night at 21h15 at Arena 5.


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