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123 minutes – USA

Summary: the Kadam family moves from India and settle down in the South of France in the village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. Hassan the second son of the family is a genious cook . The family opens an Indian Restaurant, Maison Mumbai, just across the street from a Michelin star Restaurant Le Saule Pleureur”. Soon there is conflict between the father of Hassan Kadam, Papa, and the owner of the Saule Pleureur, Madame Mallory.

Hundred-Foot Journey - Artwork -©-Ascot-Elite-Entertainment-Group.-All-Rights

Hundred-Foot Journey – Artwork – copyright HFJ -©-Ascot-Elite-Entertainment-Group.-All-Rights

The Hundred Foot Journey is a gift, a pleasure to watch from the start.

The film from the Swedish director, Lasse Hallström (Le Chocolat, Ma vie de chien), has all the ingredients for a perfect film: it is funny romantic, has brilliant actors, costumes and music.

If you are a cook or a food lover, this film is for you. You will salivate each time they cook and feel you are eating and smelling the food you see. You can smell cardamom, ginger and saffron. You will leave the cinema wanting to make Boeuf Bourgignon, Crème Béchamel, Tikka Massala and Poulet Tandoori!

Talented French and Indian chefs taught the actors how to make the dishes.



Helen Mirren even gave an advice : “don’t go eat before seeing the film. And after the screening, pick a charming French restaurant or Indian…”

The film is based on the first novel of Richard C. Morais “Les recettes du Bonheur”. It is produced by three well-known producers Oprah Winfrey, Juliet Blake and Steven Spielberg. All producers loved the work of the director and it was for them evident he would be perfect. Julie Blake started thinking of making this film when she fell in love with the story in 2009. The film was filmed during 52 days in France and during 4 days in India. For the team Saint-Antonin was ideal. All loved the landscape and the weekly markets. The farm in the movie is located 10 km away from the XIX country home.



The main actors are Mrs Mallory, played by one the most recognized British actress, Helen Mirren (The Queen), Papa, played by the most talented Indian actor Om Puri, Hassan Kadam played by Manish Dayal and the sous-chef of the Saule Pleureur, Marguerite, played by the Canadian actress, Charlotte le Bon. All are brilliant in their respective roles.

A film to watch again and again.


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