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The skyscrapers and high-rise buildings of Atlanta

Terminus 100, Buckhead in Atlanta Terminus 100, Buckhead in Atlanta[/caption]

According to the Emporis database (building data and construction projects), 774 buildings have been planned in Atlanta since skyscrapers and buildings started being built. 610 have been finished and still exist today. 51 have been demolished. 70 were cancelled or construction was ended. 39 buildings are planned and 4 are currently under construction.

If you are in Atlanta it is worth driving from downtown to Midtown and then to Buckhead to have a look at some of the most beautiful buildings and skyscrapers of America.


Building from the 1960’s & 1970’s

  • Equitable – 100 Peachtree Street: was bought in 2011 by De Olazarra Company for 19 Million dollars – height of 138 meters – will be renovated (1968)
  • Peachtree Summit – downtown, 401 West Peachtree Street NW: commercial & government offices – looks like a triangle with a height of 125 meters (1975)
  • Westin – Peachtree Plaza Hotel – 210 Peachtree Street: dark blue building with 73 floors – 2nd tallest building in Atlanta/ used to be number one until Bank of America was constructed – height of 220 meters – has a Revolving Sun Dial Restaurant (1976)
  • Coca Cola – Midtown: height of 122.8 meters (1979)


Buildings built in 1980’s

  • Georgia Pacific Tower – 133 Peachtree Street NE: height of 212 meters – pink color and constructed in modern style (1981)
  • AT&T – 651 Peachtree Street: also called Bellsouth with a height of 206 meters (1982)
  • Midtown Plaza: dark blue glass building in renovation (1986)
  • One Atlantic Center – Midtown – 2101 W Peachtree Street NW: height of 250 meters (1987)


Midtown Plaza in Atlanta

Midtown Plaza in Atlanta

 Buildings built in the 1990’s

  • The Bank of America – Midtown, 60 Peachtree Street NE: dark red building – it is the 8th tallest building in the USA & the 61st tallest in the world with a height of 312 meters – constructed in postmodern style (1992)
  • SunTrust Plaza skyscraper – 303 Peachtree Street NE: grey color – height of 265 meters – constructed in postmodern style (1992)
  • The Pinnacle building – Peachtree Road in Atlanta financial district: height of 115 meters (1998)


Atlanta skysrapers

Atlanta skysrapers

Buildings from the 2000’s

  • Symphony Tower in Midtown Atlanta – 1180 Peachtree: 200 meters high tower (2006)
  • Terminus 200 & Terminus 100 in Buckhead: residential and financial condominiums with the heighest being 148 meters – constructed in postmodern style (2007)
  • Souvereign Towers in Buckhead – Peachtree 3344: condominiums and office buildings with a height of 194 meters (2008)
  • Ritz Carlton – Residences in Buckhead – 3630 Peachtree: height of 140 meters (2009)


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