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Züri Fäscht: a celebration for everyone (Part 1)

Zurich has the honour to host the biggest folk’s festival in Switzerland, the Züri Fäscht, during the first weekend in July. The festival is already 62 years old.

Every three years the beautiful city of Zurich comes alive and celebrates from Friday afternoon through Sunday night, bringing millions of people to town. Again this year if the weather is nice the organizers are expecting about 2 million visitors over three days!

70-80 % of visitors come from the Canton of Zurich and the rest from other parts of Switzerland or elsewhere.

firework July 2nd 2010 during the Zueri Faescht

firework July 2nd 2010 during the Zueri Faescht

Is Zurich ready less than 2 weeks before the launch of the 2013 Züri Fäscht?


Roland Stahel, the chef of OK Züri Fäscht, said that he is proud to present such a program, “attractive, so big as never before.”

The festival is a folk’s festival and has to be affordable to all. For this reason the entrance is entirely free and the price of beer and non-alcoholic beverages are the same since 2001, 5.50 CHF for ½ liter of beer and 5 CHF for water and soft drinks.

Airplane show Zueri Faescht 2010

Airplane show Zueri Faescht 2010

In numbers:

  • 2 fireworks costing a total of 500,000 CHF
  • 1 million of non-alcoholic beverages
  • 300,000 liter of beer
  • 400,000 bratwursts and cervelats
  • 300,000 shish kebabs
  • 200,000 CHF of tombola prizes to win
  • 700 refrigerators
  • 150 cooling trucks
  • 100 tons of ice
  • 300 places to eat
  • 60 podiums with music
  • 60 carnival rides
  • 450 extra S-Bahns
  • 1000 trams and bus connections
Zueri-Faescht wheel by night - Zueri Faescht 2010

Zueri-Faescht big wheel by night – Zueri Faescht 2010

And you can  imagine how much electricity is needed, the number of garbage and recycling the town will need to collect and all the cleaning which will have to be done.

It is the mayor of Zurich, Corinne Mauch, with the President of Züri Fäscht, Robert Kaeser and the 3 Tenors who will open the festival at the Münsterhof on July 5th at 5:00 p.m.

The festival has amazing activities on land, on water and in the air!

Zueri Faescht Cable in the air - Photo Franz Sommer, Adliswil  Ok Zueri Faescht

Zueri Faescht Cable in the air – Photo Franz Sommer, Adliswil Ok Zueri Faescht

Events will take place around the lake of Zurich (Mythenquai to Bürkliplatz, Bellevue to Zürichhorn) and along the Limmat (up to Central and to the Lindenhof).

So what will the visitors be able to see at the 2013 Züri Fäscht?

Of course the biggest events are the two firework displays, which will cost the city of Zurich a half million franks! They both will start at 10:00 p.m. and last 30 minutes. The first firework on Friday July 5th is from Parente fireworks, a company with many years of experience as it was founded at the end of the 19th century!  Antonio Parente and his team are there for the 4th time and have enough years of practice in Zurich to know what the Zürchers want he told Roland Stahel. On Saturday night July 6th it is the German company Innovative Pyrothechnik from Joachim Berner and Ulrich Frick, which is responsible for the fireworks. It will be their 9th time in Zurich.

Firework July 2nd 2010 Zueri Faescht

Firework July 2nd 2010 Zueri Faescht

Each firework made up of 5 tons fire powder will be launched from 5 boots and 12 water pontoons. During the 30 minute spectacle 5000 shots or 3 shots per second will be heard.

On the lake of Zurich for a length of 9 kilometres, it will be possible to hear the musical fireworks via the installation of 300 speaker phones.

The Italian firework will have instrumental and film music while the German will have classical music. The people who prefer watch it at home will be able to as Tele Zuri will show it live. As well it is possible to listen to it on the radios like on Radio Zürichsee 106.7 & 100.4 Mhz, Radio Energy 100.9 and Radio1 93.6 Mhz.

Come back tomorrow for more highlights of the Zueri Faescht.



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